Azodicarbonamide is a chemical compound with the molecular formula C2H4O2N4. It is a yellow to orange-red, odorless, crystalline powder.

We supply pure azodicarbonamide,also named as blowing agent.


Stable performance, non-flammable, non-polluting, non-toxic and tasteless, no staining on the mold, no decomposition of the product, and the decomposition temperature can be adjusted without affecting the curing and forming speed.


It is widely used in slippers, soles, insoles, plastic wallpaper, ceiling, floor leather, artificial leather, thermal insulation, sound insulation materials and other foaming

1920px-Azodicarbonamide 分子式

Blowing agent

Product name: Azodicarbonamide

CAS No.: 123-77-3

EINECS No.: 204-650-8

Molecular formula: C2H4N4O2

Molecular weight: 116.08


Standard: HG/T 2097-2008


It is used in polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene,Synthetic materials such as polypropylene, polystyrene, polyamide, ABS and rubber. Widely used in slippers, soles, insoles, plastic wallpapers,Foaming of ceilings, floor leather, artificial leather, heat insulation, sound insulation materials, etc.


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